Get in sync with me!

The primary purpose of this article is to make my intentions pretty clear. A bit of introspection makes me realize I have to justify maintaining a scientific blog. So I am pouring out my thought process here.

What’s here is not novel science

Any novel unpublished material lying around in my desk is not gonna make it here. The procedure for that is to pursue it further and publish it with sufficient peer review.

So what will be the content on this blog?

When I started learning about neuroscience, I made a few notable observations.

First, neuroscience keeps changing everyday. So it is important to keep yourself updated (at least in the genre that interests you).  In this blog I will be posting and elucidating (sometimes criticizing) new materials that interest me.

Second, the quality of text books out there on Neuroscience is pathetic. Now, there are reasons behind it. Besides being so much unexplored, neuroscience is also highly interdisciplinary. So to focus on any particular aspect of it makes you leave out multiple other dimensions. So most books try and take a mid-way stance. This makes the books lucrative for the beginners but kills it for the advanced graduate students (who then find solace in the latest journal articles, which are off-course more difficult to comprehend).  So as I keep learning new methods and techniques, I feel it is my duty to explain them in lucid terms to the new students so that they can grasp it faster and better. I use MATLAB simulations whenever possible to explain concepts to myself.There will be a lot of that.

Third, because of space constraints and sometimes simply tradition, many concepts in the journal articles are explained with suboptimal clarity. Here, I will try and elaborate on those aspects (specifically if it is my article; not so much for others).

What else?

When I was 15, I wanted to become a film director. Now I am a neuroscientist and love what I do. So some directions are decided on the go. So the rest of the blog themes will get updated as it evolves.

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