Computational Neuroscience in Vision @ CSHL: Day 2

Day 2 started off with EJ telling us more about the retinal ganglion cells (RGC) and how they form mosaics to cover the entire visual space (a little more also on the diversity of cells and their functions).

Key points I noted:

– RGCs spike timing precision is of the order of 1-2 ms, whereas in general cortical cells have it in the order of ~10ms or greater. There is a lot of correlated firing in RGCs mainly driven by shared inputs (cones). He also emphasized the fact that the morphology of the RGCs change systematically with eccentricity.

–  There is yet no direct evidence of direction selective cells in the primate retina.

– He started discussing the use of STA to estimate RGC receptive fields and  left it for Jonathan to go into details.

Jonathan formulated the LNP (linear- non linear- poison)  model and mainly spoke about its implementation and limitation (i am working on a tutorial based on that).

Lunch followed … It was a nice and sunny day.

Where all the action happens!

Where all the action happens!

Next we had Euro give a talk. First time, we used the black board as he drew most of the stuff to explain it to us more lucidly. There was a mention of avoiding the “Henry Markram way ” of doing research 🙂 Most of the talk was geared towards understanding the basic principles of efficient encoding and decoding. He touched upon maximum likelihood estimation , fischer information etc. A lot to digest! Hopefully the tutorials tonight will shed light on some of the stuff. The lecture ended at 4:20 pm to allow us watch Brazil humiliate themselves again.

Brazil (0) vs Netherland (3)

Brazil (0) vs Netherland (3)


The day ended with some of us playing mafia (which i believe will be repeated in more exciting and intense ways in days to come).

"Mafia" in action

“Mafia” in action

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