Computational Neuroscience in Vision @ CSHL: Day 3

Another great day as it started with bacon and sausages in breakfast.

Gregg started off the day with a very nice introduction to the white noise analysis of V1 data. The best part of the talk to me was the geometric interpretation of STA. That has been inserted into my “take home” list of ideas or interpretations from the course. Also the way we can estimate the nonlinearity in the LNP model was really explained well by Gregg. He also went over contrast invariance of V1 complex cells and the reason to start looking into STC etc beyond STA.

In the afternoon session, Geoff gave us a hands on tutorial on psychophysics and signal detection theory in MATLAB. At 3 pm, we started watching the world cup game which ended with my disappointment 😦

Dinner was brilliant as always! We met Stephanie (who’s giving a talk tomorrow) at the dinner table and we all had a very philosophical discussion in the dinner table (topics: are computational principles generalizable across species? are lfps epi-phenomena? etc)

Marjena (one of our TA) presented her research after dinner, which was obviously followed up by two rounds of mafia.


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