Computational Neuroscience in Vision @ CSHL: Day 4

Day 4 started off with Geoff’s 2nd lecture on fMRI. After briefly recapitulating the properties of a linear system, he spoke about the use of general linear models in fMRI analysis. He mentioned about ‘m-sequences’. At the end of his talk, Geoff told us that he thinks that vision neuroscientists have been completely focused on peripheral vision and that should change. The afternoon session was taught by Stephanie. This is the first time when the weaponry (nerf guns) were officially employed 🙂 Infact, Stephanie herself asked us to shoot if we didn’t understand any concept or if she went too fast. Although since Jonathan invited her, she gave us the option to shoot at Jonathan instead as well! The pic below summarizes it all….

Nerf wrecking lessons

Nerf wrecking lessons

Stephanie talked about information theory. In the break time we played “the spike lottery” (I will explain it some other day). 

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