Computational Neuroscience in Vision @ CSHL: The Epilogue

As time went on, it became tougher to post here. But the course went on in its full force and left us wanting for more. I can say without any doubt that this has been the single most influential 2 weeks of my scientific career so far. Just getting to know so many like minded people, chilling out with them, discussing ideas and listening and learning from their opinions has definitely made me a more complete science enthusiast (if there is something like that). A few crucial lessons i learnt (on the bigger picture) from the course are:

1. Decide if you wanna catch the fly or count the hairs on its legs (#Pascal).
2. We all suffer from impostor syndrome and hence we shouldn’t worry about it (#Weiji)
3. You can perhaps decode which face i showed u from looking at V1 voxels and probably not from FFA voxels, but that doesn’t make V1 a face area or FFA not a face area. So what does decoding really help at deciphering? (#Tony)
3. 10-20% of all grad students will probably make it to being PIs. You are in that group. So just keep working as hard and you’ll get there (#Geoff)
4. Developing sound intuitions about the use of various computational methods are what we can really take home from these meetings (#self)
5. Knowing the right person at the right time is not luck but a result of multiple factors (having real interest in science, publishing papers, attending these kind of summer courses, being genuinely interested in learning from other’s work etc) that maximizes the likelihood of the event!

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