Tool to read faster

I recently came across the website of this company Spritz. They claim to have found a way to scientifically fasten your reading speed.

Here’s how it works. First, they identify the Optimal recognition point (ORP) of a word. Then they highlight that letter with red color (rest of the letters being black). As a reader you fixate around the ORP and they show each word in a text at a certain speed. No macro eye movements are required. So that saves you from the fatigue. And if you keep at it for a while, your reading speed evidently increases. You can go from 130 words/minute to 250 words/minute pretty quickly. In fact, they also pause and introduce gaps at punctuation. I have tried it and it seems to work. It is best for reading books (without images) and news articles. Here’s a snapshot of the app. (iTunes Link; free download, but you have to pay 4$ to really reap its benefits).


Screen shot from the app

In the screen-shot, you can see the ORP in red, the main text (blurred, in the bottom). Each word is shown one by one.

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