In the recent past, I have developed a growing interest in art. It all started while preparing to watch the movie Mr Turner (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2473794/). The movie was about the British painter J.M.W. Turner. In order to not feel stupid while watching it, I started reading up a bit on him. I found that his style was a very influential precursor to the impressionist revolution in France. Controversial evidence suggest that artist like Monet might have been heavily influenced by him. All this sounded good, but also led me to read a bit more about French Impressionism. What happened? Why? What preceded it?  What succeeded it? Soon I realized that I am now exposed to a completely mesmerizing battalion of information and visual treat that I was unaware of for so long.. All those days of walking around the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MOMA without any proper perspective can now be replaced by some interesting intuition about what I will see there.

In this page, I wish to update and bring forward artwork that I find interesting. Also, I used to draw portraits and after this recent rush of artphilia I have been reading about a technique called Chiaroscuro. The idea of using light and darkness to create a 3D image excites me not only as a juvenile art lover (if i may say so) but also a vision neuroscientist.

Click to see my stuff

My preliminary attempts at drawing

Click on the image to the left to see

some of my preliminary time pass stuff.


I often keep writing stuff when I am bored. These do not necessarily reflect my past life or any comment on my beliefs etc. I am firm believer in the phrase: “change is the only constant”..So i probably don’t agree with most things i have written in the past. They are just for fun.

You can access them here.

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