You live and learn

Often times in life there comes a situation which is awfully ridiculous to spare a thought about when you are far away from it in time; but is of major psychological concern while you are facing it at the moment. Cultural predispositions modify the way we tackle situations and hence the situation although interpreted by everyone in their own way is biologically completely different for each individual.  But we make choices during these times that determine our social performance later on when the essence of the situation has subdued in our mind. Hence we must be careful while making decisions under psychologically disadvantageous conditions.  This said; it seems deducible from it that we must not take decisions that momentarily satisfy our inner grudge. So in a way, if there is an offender he inevitably gets away with it because of our fear of a likely social repulsion at a later stage due to any uncalled for friction. This produces a moral paradox. Investing time to explore this paradox is a way of playing into the hands of the offender. Just let go and think of good food 😉

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