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Defending my Thesis (video) on Dec 16, 2014

Finally the day has come and gone ..

Strangely, I feel more relieved than happy. Most likely because i am back next day where i have always belonged (the lab space), doing pretty much the same thing and enjoying the ability to think freely again.. But one task off the to-do list! I am attaching the video of my defense talk. This serves the following purposes,

1. My parents can now watch it from India.
2. If you are a dear friend and missed it, here’s your chance to watch it.
3. Future recruiters, who might wanna check me out can do so, without me knowing or having to travel to their home ground to defend myself.

Click on pic to watch the video ...

Click on pic to watch the video …


Partners in Science – 2014

This summer I got to interact with and mentor two very nice and smart high school students for the partners in science program. They are not even juniors but they really worked hard and grasped most of the key concepts of my PhD thesis. We worked together to analyse some fMRI data on a very recent (unpublished) experiment. I am putting their presentation video here. Mentoring them has been one great learning opportunity for me too. It has been ultimately a very satisfying experience. I would very much encourage any grad student to try and do this if possible. Not only it is a rewarding experience for us, it is also a great way to make kids interested in real science. Occasionally, I was also reminded how simple questions asked by the students can make you think harder than ever and make you realize that basics are so important.

Click on the picture to see the video

Click on picture to see the video