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AI Evolved These Creepy Images to Please a Monkey’s Brain
The Atlantic

Machine Learning Optimizes Images for Stimulating Monkey Neurons
The Scientist

Neural pathway crucial to successful rapid object recognition in primates
MIT News
An AI used art to control monkeys’ brain cells
Science News

Putting vision models to the test.
MIT News, Science Daily

For better deep neural network vision, just add feedback (loops)
MIT News
brain imaging
Study shows that artificial neural networks can be used to drive brain activity
Medical Xpress

Key brain region was “recycled” as humans developed the ability to read
MIT news

Thought-Controlled Contact Lenses
The Ringer
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Neuroscience Professor Awarded $1.5 Million Grant to Study Promising Brain Therapy
Rutgers News

Movember: When Men Grow Mustaches For a Good Cause
Pop Sugar