P4. Collaborations

Poggio-Lab  (MIT)


Photo by Kris Brewer

Deep neural networks predict neural responses in higher visual cortices. The mapping from the model to a neuron in the brain occurs through a linear combination of many units in the model, leaving open the question whether there also exists a correspondence at the level of individual neurons. Here we show that there exist many one-to-one mappings between single units in a deep neural network model and neurons in the brain… We have so far published a short pre-print memo (Arend et al. 2018) on this.

Mauricio Delgado (Rutgers-Newark: Psychology)

I collaborated in a fMRI project (Sip et al., 2014) where we studied how decision-making is modulated by social feedback valence (positive, negative) and the level of closeness with feedback provider (friend, confederate).

JessIrelandJessica Wright (Rutgers Newark: CMBN)

Anodal tDCS has been shown to be effective to mitigate cognitive aging (Meinzer et al., 2013). We published a paper together in the Journal of Neurophysiology (Kar and Wright 2013), probing the mechanisms of tDCS that is responsible for the effects observed by the authors of the original article.

Lucas Parra (CUNY: BME)

We have been collaborating on a project looking at the electric field changes inside the macaque brain upon application of transcranial electrical stimulation and validating a finite element model of the same. This work has been presented at the NYC neuromodulation conference, 2015.

Michael Cole (Rutgers Newark: Neuroscience)

We are currently collaborating on a fMRI project looking at functional connectivity changes in human subjects after application of 10 Hz tACS. I am working closely with Takuya Ito from the Cole lab.I presented the work at OHBM Annual Meeting 2015, and Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting 2015.

Yinghua Liu (Rutgers Newark: BNS Student, 2015)

Given our finding that 10 Hz tACS reduces motion adaptation, we are currently investigating changes in Mccullough effect under tACS. She presented the work at the SFN 2015


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