I graduated with a PhD  in Neuroscience (Jan 2015) at Rutgers Ko_DiCarloLabUniversity (mentored by Bart Krekelberg) and I am currently working as a postdoc at MIT with Jim DiCarlo. And this website (blog) contains stuff that I find exciting and that I found  in particular about the brain (primates).

Email me at:

At the Krekelberg Lab:

It  involved figuring out how externally applied electric fields affect the brain and behavior. I was fond of using human psychophysical methods, computational neuroscience models (dynamic neural networks) and macaque electrophysiology (both single unit and multielectrode array recordings) to address some of the questions.

At the DiCarlo Lab:

I am currently interested in understanding the role of cortical feedback in object recognition. There are three very interesting facts that drive this research. First, human and monkey object recognition behavior is very similar. Second, current state of the art hierarchical convolutional network models (e.g. deepnets) are, to some extent, consistent in their behavior with humans and monkeys and can also predict neural data fairly well. Third, most of these high performing computer vision models have a feedforward architecture. Given the enormous presence of inter cortical feedback in our brain, it makes us wonder why are they even there?

Being in Jim’s lab is a lot of fun. I am learning a lot of new stuff ( how to train and test deep nets, how to implement large scale psychophysics via amazon mechanical turk, getting exposed to in-cage monkey training). Science as an effort to falsify models is cool!


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