*An article that has been very influential — “Strong Inference“. John Platt 1964

  1. DECIFER Autism: Diagnostic Efficiency based Curation of Images for Facial Emotion Recognition in Autism. Leverage the image-computable ANN models of primate vision in the curation of images that are expected to yield large differences in the behavior of individuals with autism and individuals with neurotypical development. — thereby acting as a very efficient, diagnostic stimuli generation tool.

2. Wireless Ephys system: I recently collaborated with Robert Paugh at dspwi to help develop a low cost wireless recording solution. We are pursuing efforts to make it into a higher channel count module that can be used to record in-cage.

icon_newThe 32 channel module is now available for purchase here, click on link

3. Easy eye: A cheap, platform independent, USB HD camera + IR illuminator based eye tracking solution for human and non-human primate psychophysics. (code and hardware details coming soon …)

4. Neurostim: OpenGL based , OS-independent C++ library for the presentation of visual stimuli in Neuroscience experiments. We currently use this in the Krekelberg Lab to generate visual stimuli.     Link:

5. My BrainVoyager Tutorials: I  made these specifically for use in our laboratory, but anyone new to BV can also watch them to get familiarized with BV (contact me for password needed to access them).

  •   Creating a VMR Project (Isovoxelling, Reorienting, Homogenizing) (click here)
  •   Talairach transformation (click here)        
  •   Segmentation (click here)
  •   Creating a spherical VOI around given Talairach coordinates (click here)

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